Linux is a software operating system that was developed in 1991. It is used in the wide range of embedded systems, personal and mainframe computers, etc. Linux Counter shows that there are more than 600 thousand Linux Users with more than 165 machines registered. Our Linux users email list could help in legitimizing your data-driven business decisions. IT Mailing Contacts lists are highly targeted and can be personalized for the use of effective marketing strategies.

Our Linux Users email List can offer good lead generation experience. Our data is verified, approved and updated, on a timely basis. It can help b2b marketers to look into the qualified leads and get the best deals in b2b campaigns. Our Linux Customers list gets deciding for the personalized key details of higher level management professionals, business executives and the top decision makers. It can make new sales leads and get your Return on Investment on a new crest. Linux users email and mailing list are highly verified and validated so that it can prevent data redundancy, duplicity, and inaccuracy in data making it more trustworthy.

Why Technology Lists from IT Mailing Contacts?

  • Accurate and contain crucial contact details of technical professionals
  • Reach out to relevant audience – initiators, influencers and decision makers
  • Do a more targeted marketing campaign with our technology user lists
  • Add relevant and accurate data insights to strengthen predictive lead scoring
  • Generate high quality pipeline for your sales and channels

You could remove your worries about duplicate and inexact data. IT Mailing Contacts Linux Users List is improved with data enrichment processes that could keep the data exact, updated and free from errors. Our List can get you international contacts over many countries like the USA, UK, and France, etc. It has overall details with company name, title, contact number, revenue, company size, Salesforce, and social media contacts, etc. which can boosts your multi-channel promotions. Our List gets the Linux users and finds the key decision makers in the market. This approved list can help you to reach a targeted audience and get good chances of deals with them.

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Get on for your competition. Get in touch directly with Linux Users. Comprehensive data with exact business emails. Lists are updated frequently. Plus our official email and validation technology tests contact level efficiency are at the point of distribution. You would receive the most active data.

Job Titles available:

C-level Executives, V-level Executives, Directors, Application Executives, IT Executives, Operations Executives, Finance Executives etc.


SIC Code, Credit Rating Score, Growing Businesses, Fax Number, Gender, Title or Name of Key Executive, Estimated Annual Sales, Number of Employees, Franchise or Brand, Phone Number, Professional Specialty, Geography: Zip Code, State, Area Code, Address, County.


Email, CD-ROM, Diskettes, EFT, Cheshire Labels, Pressure Sensitive Labels, Mag Tape, Prospect Lists, 3x5, Sales Leads Cards


They are comprised of subscribers from leading information technology publications and newsletters-as well as attendees of many popular events.

Terms and Conditions

  • All list rental subject to approval.
  • Due to frequency of data updates, the data count figures cannot be guaranteed.
  • Prices subject to change without notice.
  • All mailings to be undertaken by approved mail house unless otherwise agreed.

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